About Us - Face Painting in Omaha and Bellevue

Our professional artists use FDA approved cosmetic grade supplies, which means you are in great hands when you hire our company. Our face paints wash off easily with soap and water. No harsh scrubbing!

At Omaha Masquerade, we use 100% plant based Henna powder mixed with lemon juice and quality essential oils to provide the best stain and ensure your design lasts as long as possible. See more face painting tips below. 

When factoring in the cost of hiring a face painter for your event, you'll want to take into consideration the number of faces each artist can paint per hour. Our artists are the fastest in the business, often painting 30-50 fast faces per hour at public events, without compromising our amazing, quality designs! Birthday parties or smaller public events allow for 10-15 full face designs per hour. You can find these designs sampled here on our website!



Professional Supplies

Our artists are the backbone of our company, and we only contract with the best in the business.  But don't take our word for it - hire us for your event and let us show you why we are the premier face painting provider in the metro.

You can definitely pay less for someone less experienced, but by hiring a professional painter, you come out ahead when it comes to safety and quality.  Our artists are able to paint much faster than a hobby or volunteer painter.  Hours are spent every week practicing skills and speed so that when hired, you get the most for your money.  The photos shown around our site and social media photo albums are the same quality and vibrant designs that you will get at your party or event.  We use top-quality FDA approved cosmetic face paints and cosmetic glitter approved for use around the eyes - which is very important! You do not want stains on your carpet, rashes on your guests skin or crackling paint being applied at your party. If you choose to hire another company, make sure you find out what kind of supplies they use, and that the glitter does not contain aluminum, which can scratch, cut and seriously damage the eyes. And always remember - Non-Toxic does not mean safe for skin; it simply means it will not hurt you if it is consumed. 


Our Artists

​​The children loved the face painting! The designs were great and she did a great job getting thru all the kids in a short time. She was very friendly and the kids liked her. We would definitely use her again if needed.
- Omaha, Eaton OPC


​Sonya and her team are AMAZING!  My company has used them for multiple events where they have to work from 8am-6pm - no breaks!  Their work never slips.  The last face painting looks as amazing as the first.  Kids will wait in line to get their faces done by her and her team.  You will NOT find a better face painter.  I plan on using her in the future for my kiddo's parties.
- Larkin C., Omaha NE