BOOK NOW>  Minimum 24 hours notice required as we mix our henna fresh for your appointment or event.

Corporate event pricing (company events, churches, colleges, etc): $175 per hour with a two-hour minimum

Private party pricing (birthdays, bachelorette, etc): $150 per hour with a ninety-minute minimum


The design process takes between 10-30 minutes for a simple design, to several hours for a more detailed design covering a larger area of the body.  The session is completely painless as the paste is applied on top of the skin.  Our Henna designs are done free-hand.  We can duplicate almost any design you find, and all designs are customizable to fit your style or preference. 

If desired, we can add some sparkle to your Henna design using cosmetic glitters which adhere to the paste.  The glitter will stay on until the paste has dried and is removed.

Did you know? Henna powder is green, not brown in color. When mixed with lemon juice, the dye is released and once the dye is exposed to air, it turns brown (much like an avocado!).

Organic Rajasthani Indian powder from India
Jamila Henna powder from Pakistan

Powders are mixed with fructose sugar, lemon juice and a blend of the following 100% pure essential oils:

Wild Orange

Different powders and oils produce different stains and results.  The powders and oils we use are based on personal preference, allergies and skin sensitivities.

USDA Certified Organic Rajasthani Indian Henna powder is used on pregnant bellies.  Mixed with fructose sugar, lemon juice and Lavendar oil, the only essential oil proven to be safe for both mom and baby.

Henna Paste Ingredient list:

Omaha Masquerade uses only natural and 100% safe henna.  Natural Henna will only dye your skin a variation of an orange/red/brown color and NEVER purple, pink, blue or black.  "Black Henna" was made to resemble the coloring of permanent tattoos, but include chemical and color additives including PPD, which have been banned in the United States by the FDA for use on the skin.  The chemicals in Black Henna can cause blistering to the skin and other long term damage to your body.

Mehndi is the art of Henna painting on your body.  Originating in India thousands of years ago, Henna is believed to bring love, luck and prosperity.  It is believed that placing henna on your body is like sending out a wish to the universe - so if you are wanting love, luck, fertility, etc, and the design chosen symbolizes that specific blessing, the color of the design is more intense.

Applied to your skin and removed hours later, it leaves beautiful markings on the skin that fade naturally in 1-3 weeks. Because each person is unique, the color and intensity of the tattoo will vary from one individual to another. Henna is actually a permanent stain on your skin, but because your skin exfoliates and sheds naturally over time, the henna design will fade and eventually disappear. The life of your design can be extended by avoiding water for several hours after removing the paste, avoiding suntan lotion or sunscreen on the area of your design, refraining from any scrubbing or using harsh lotions on the area, and staying away from chlorinated water.
Henna is safe for expectant mothers!  We use only USDA Certified Organic Rajasthani Indian henna powder and Lavendar 40/42 oil on our prenatal henna designs, both of which are proven to be the safest henna paste for mom and baby.  If an individual has sensitive skin, we can also use this henna paste mixture.

My daughter was studying about Henna in her social studies and class. Sonya was nice enough to demonstrate her artwork during class so all the children could see it first hand. She was very good at answering questions and the kids all thought the demonstration was fun. My daughter got many compliments that it was the best Henna they had seen. We plan to use this company again in the future.
- Alicia W - Omaha, NE

Henna ~ Mehndi Tattoos